Softbox announces the launch of new innovative temperature control packaging systems

Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, UK, 24th January 2019 – Softbox a leading global innovator and provider of temperature control packaging for the life science and logistics industries, today announced plans to unveil new pallet and parcel shipping systems at the Temperature Controlled Logistics (IQPC) in London from 28-31 January.

The highly-innovative cold chain shipping solutions being featured at the conference include the new Tempcell ECO; and Tempcell MAX and Silverpod MAX – which are being revealed in Europe for the first time.

The Tempcell ECO is Softbox’s next generation recyclable parcel shipper for the life science industry. It is 100% kerbside recyclable, made from recycled corrugated paper materials. It utilises Thermaflute™ patent pending design and is qualified against ISTA 7D Summer and Winter profiles, able to control different temperature ranges including 00C to 300C products.

The Tempcell MAX is a single-use high performance PCM parcel shipper that is qualified to ISTA 7D test profiles and maintains up to 96 hours of thermal protection. It incorporates an innovative SilverSkin™ radiant barrier that enhances its thermal performance and utilises next generation recyclable PharmacoolMAX PCM coolants.

Adding to Softbox’s award-winning Silverpod pallet shipper range is the Silverpod MAX, a high performance PCM pallet shipper that meets today’s global cold chain challenges. It incorporates PCM coolants that enable safe storage before and during shipping and has a SilverSkin™ reflective radiant barrier that enhances its thermal performance while utilising next generation recyclable PharmacoolMAX PCM coolants.

Wayne Langlois, President of Softbox, said: “We’re very excited to launch the Tempcell MAX and Silverpod MAX in Europe and unveil the Tempcell ECO for the first time. Bringing to market these new temperature control packaging systems signals a further advancement for Softbox. Our goal is to keep innovating and providing the latest technology and materials to our customers to ensure the cold chain is perfectly maintained during transportation.”

Softbox is also exclusively pre-launching two temperature control packaging systems at IQPC London. The AEON Metro and Clinipod are specifically-designed for the delivery of pharmaceutical clinical trials.

The AEON Metro is a new reusable multi-drop delivery parcel shipper. It enables cost-effective cold chain delivery without the need for temperature-controlled vehicles. The AEON Metro has reusable PCM coolants that support up to 48 hours of multi-opening thermal protection.

The Clinipod is a carry-home shipper built to facilitate the last mile delivery of clinical trials to the end patient. Utilising its reusable PCM coolants, it provides up to six hours of thermal protection in extreme temperature conditions. The Clinipod is robust and reusable, while also being lightweight and easy to carry.

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