Shipping on Regional Aircraft

Cold chain shipping on Regional or Narrow Body Aircraft continues to be challenging in many parts of the world and in particular within emerging markets. Access to the cargo holds in these types of aircraft can be limited particularly with respect to cargo height. This can present the shipper with a challenge if their temperature sensitive freight cannot be packed to pass through the cargo door.

To meet this challenge, Softbox developed its Narrow Body Aircraft Pallet Shipper.

Manufactured from robust materials the Softbox Narrow Body Aircraft Pallet Shipper with a height of 71 cms (28”) can be confidently used to ship time and temperature sensitive pharmaceutical. Key features include:

  • Qualified -20⁰C, +2-8⁰C and +15 – 25⁰c temperature control
  • Lightweight two part design
  • integral insulated pallet base to protect from ground temperature transfer
  • Robust design enabling multiple reuse

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