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Power Off Covers On How Silverskin Protects Pharma Freight

A global biotech company regularly faced challenges when shipping temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals in 40-foot ocean reefers between US and EU ports. Siting power outages at sea and during downtime in dock, the company needed an innovative thermal solution that was capable of mitigating temperature exchange and minimising stock wastage.

Carried by container ships, the function of reefers (or refrigerated containers) is to transport temperature sensitive goods – in this case pharmaceuticals – and maintain the cargo at its stated label-claim temperature throughout transit, even in the most difficult conditions.

But power outages can occur at sea and while loading and unloading in port, causing frequent temperature excursions. Softbox Systems tackled the issue and enabled this biotech company to find an affordable, proven, high-performance solution that would maintain the integrity of their cargo – and one that would be supplied locally.

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