Thinking Inside the Box

IPI, Summer 2021

Can New Temperature Control Packaging Initiatives Meet Cold Chain Sustainability Goals Without Compromising Performance? Matt Tomkinson, Technical Solutions Specialist at Softbox and Paddy O’Hara, Technical Manager at Softbox SilverSkin contribute to this excellent article from IPI magazine.

Reducing the environmental impact is not something that can be tackled alone – and by looking to partners, suppliers and vendors, pharma executives are working hard to help reduce the industry’s environmental impact. One area in particular makes a considerable greenhouse gas contribution: the supply chain.

In this article, Softbox gets right to the core of the sustainability challenges – and solutions – for those in logistics, and more specifically, temperature control packaging (TCP).

This article is taken from International Pharmaceutical Industry (IPI) Summer 2021, pages 78-81. © IPI Media.

Download the article to find out more.

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