Thermal Covers

Shipping creates several potentially adverse temperature and environmental threats to sensitive products. Silverskin helps mitigate those threats and keep your product as stable as possible. Our globally recognized range of reflective, thermally insulated covers, add an extra level of protection to help guard products against every conceivable eventuality in the transportation process.

Silverskin insulated thermal covers allow more time for your products to move between risk points during the supply chain. They protect against external temperature fluctuations as well as provide additional coverage against dust, rain, moisture, and contamination. Paired with our portfolio of high-performance insulation products, Silverskin adds a piece to the puzzle which further ensures the safe passage of your products.

Regardless of the challenges your shipment faces, Silverskin paired with our globally trusted line of Temperature Controlled Packaging, keeps your product safely stabilized and protected from uncontrolled environments and unforeseen threats while providing you with additional peace of mind during the process.

Silverskin Pallet Covers

Awarded the 2018 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in the International Trade category, Silverskin is used by many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies to maintain the integrity of their temperature-sensitive cargo in the supply chain.

Manufactured from a blend of materials that suit performance and budget requirements, the comprehensive SilverSkin® thermal pallet cover range is outdoor and chamber-tested, aligning with new GDP regulations. These covers are robust yet easy to use, offer superb insulation, enable protection against temperature spikes and reduce product wastage.

Whatever your requirement, materials, thicknesses and sizes can be matched to different operational challenges.

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