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Transporting Clinical Samples: A Best-In-Class Remedy

Softbox is an award-winning temperature control packaging innovator that has been designing and producing high-performance passive temperature control packaging systems for over 25 years. We offer consistent quality to our clients from our strategically located global manufacturing sites across the globe.

The clinical trial industry operates against a backdrop of ever-changing demands while always providing fresh opportunities. New emerging markets are opening often in isolated locations, giving rise to increased calls for investigational products and clinical specimens.

Good Packaging is Good Practice

In today’s clinical trial environment, support operations like logistics and packaging can no longer play second fiddle to the practices involved in treating or curing disease. Ensuring clinical samples reach destinations safely, securely, and at the right temperature is now as crucial as any element of the drug discovery process.
This has been a catalyst for increased regulatory pressure. The global clinical trial industry has reacted, demanding innovation in the cold supply chain and its packaging. At Softbox, we’ve spent the best part of two decades doing just that.

Innovation, Innovation, Innovation

Our complete range of high-performance products that are next-generation, temperature control packaging systems has made Softbox the go-to vendor for temperature controlled shipping in the Clinical Trials sector.

Our continued investment in product design and innovation allows us to offer systems that are the envy of our industry. By incorporating the newest, most advanced technologies and materials, we’ve created a product lineup infinitely more robust than anything we’ve seen before. Designed and rigorously tested to meet different regulatory standards, they offer total temperature stability, door-to-door and great peace of mind for our customers.

These new materials also allow us to create packaging that is palpably smaller, reducing footprints and volumetric weight to maximize payload space and reduce shipping costs and impact on the environment.

Going The Extra Mile

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and work closely with our clients to assist with packaging qualification and provide solutions that allow you to do more with less. Should you have something out-of-the-ordinary in mind, we also have the capability to create customized solutions that can fit within specific distribution models.

No matter where you are in the world, we provide an integrated customer service to our clients. To ensure complete compatibility and product comprehension, this can include input from our quality, technical, commercial or customer delivery units.

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