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Parcel Shippers

With our extensive, strategically-located network, Softbox provides a local supply of single-use, temperature controlled parcel shippers and shipping systems to the world’s life sciences industry. Our widely recognized shipping solutions are ideal for numerous clinical trial and pharmaceutical applications and comply with strict industry regulations. We test each shipped in our chamber testing facility to ensure each comfortably maintains commonly used temperature ranges for durations up to 120 hours.

Our parcel shipper portfolio offers a wide range of options, each designed with different requirements and the ability to adapt to various conditions based on size, weight, capacity, and capability while all adhering to the highest standards of quality and performance. Our entire portfolio uses a peripheral thermal insulation layer which is then combined with either water-gel coolant packs or Phase Change Materials to protect temperature-sensitive goods. These components are integrated with precise design features to allow for simple conditioning and assembly.

Tempcell® Max
High-Performance PCM parcel shippers

The Tempcell® MAX shipper is the PCM version of its Tempcell® brother. It incorporates advanced PCM coolants and TIF panels to ensure thermal protection in extreme conditions and no risk of temperature excursions. Bringing together the correct combination of thermal packaging and PCMs creates a high-performance and temperature-stable environment of up to 96 hours. The result is a lighter shipper, more payload space, and a high payload-to-weight ration, enabling cost-effective transportation.

Single-use water-based parcel shippers

Tempcell® is a well-recognized, fully recyclable, go-to temperature control parcel shipper for the life sciences industry. This line offers 7 available solutions featuring different dimensions, payload options (up to 70 Liters), time performance differentials (from 48 to 120+ hours), and tare weights up to 45Kg. Easy conditioning and efficient assembly make this shipper a hassle-free, economical shipping option.

Tempcell® ECO
100% curbside-recyclable

Tempcell® ECO is a cost-effective parcel shipper made from Thermaflute® patented insulating technology which is 100% curbside-recyclable and plastic-free. This innovative addition to the Tempcell® range has been designed to prevent temperature excursion when shipping wide-stability temperature-sensitive products and provides up to 96 hours of thermal protection.

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