Bulk Air Cargo

Bulk Air Cargo solutions

When it comes to shipping large amounts of time and temperature-sensitive vaccines or other biologics, CSafe’s Bulk Air Cargo solutions are built for the job. Our Silverpod range of pallet shippers is relied on by many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies as a cost-effective way to ship their highly sensitive products in large quantities while maintaining stable temperatures for up to 120 hours.

Our innovative and resourceful product features have been developed to provide high-performance shipping products at a significantly lower price point with zero compromise in quality assurance. Simplicity, optimized loading, flexibility based on shipping load, and single or double pallet options all contribute to a trustworthy and cost-saving shipping solution for palletized goods.

CSafeAPS — New!

The most advanced, reusable pallet shipper for bulk air cargo has landed. CSafeAPS leverages insights from industry-leading Active ULD engineering to enhance the performance of passive pallet containers. The result? An innovative solution that delivers superior reliability, visibility, operability and security. Compared to competitive reusable pallet shippers, this is a seriously advanced pallet shipper. It takes the heat out of the cold chain for pharma shippers, freight forwarders and airlines alike.


Our dedication to keeping our temperature control packaging systems at the cutting edge of cold chain is exemplified best by our SilverpodMAX offering. These new additions to our Bulk Air Cargo shipping systems provide updated advances that are highly beneficial to the industry.

SilverpodMAX is our ‘best of everything’ passive pallet shipper, featuring all the quality hallmarks of its Silverpod name with the addition of some key features from our original pallet shippers.


SilverpodPRO pallet shippers continue to live up to their reputation as best-in-class temperature control shipping systems. Designed with the intention of accepting palletized loads, they optimize capacity and integrate perfectly with different global freight networks. Ease of delivery, storage and assembly, while utilizing flat-packed components also help to reduce pressure on your bottom line.

SilverpodPRO pallet shippers will comfortably maintain the designated temperature for a range of transport modes and extended durations. They are readily available from our extensive global network.

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