Leading Minds Seminar

Collaborative Learning that FUELS your Temperature Controlled Pharmaceuticals

November 7th-8th 2017 at Princeton Marriott at Forrestal, in Princeton, New Jersey.

*UPDATED Agenda*

Download the final  LMS 2017 Agenda, including speakers from MHRA, IATA, Biogen and BMS.

Main topics include:

  • IATA led discussion on experiences within the air cargo supply chain.
  • BMS led discussion on alternatives to shipping validation studies.
  • Clinical site quality control and temperature monitoring challenges.
  • Passive temperature control packaging – methods for evaluating the performance.
  • Master Data Management – combining disparate data sets.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Future of Cold Chain Visibility.
  • Case study: Experiences transitioning to a new global cold chain database.


About Leading Minds Seminar

Leading Minds Seminars bring together serious-minded practitioners to solve very real, very challenging operational hurdles in the pharmaceutical cold chain. Learning from your peers in other pharma companies, ensures you’re on track, implementing the right, most cost-effective best practices.

All pharmaceutical manufacturers are invited, complimentary (no fee) attendance. Teams welcome.


Unique Format

LMS programs are 65% discussion based. Think industry retreat. Not paintball or karaoke. Instead of bringing together the best minds from pharmaceutical manufacturers to solve business critical issues, in a fun collaborative learning environment.

No press, no sponsorships, no pressure and a relaxed environment.

What to Expect

Day One: Presentations, small group discussions, and problem-solving breakout sessions. The day will focus on current affairs, trends, regulations and practical case studies that seek to solve business-critical issues. The day will conclude with an evening Networking BBQ and Patio Party.

Day Two: Consists of User Group meeting(s) in two separate rooms that discuss ELPRO/Softbox specific technologies and trends in those technology areas, including implementation challenges and sharing of customer experiences.

All pharmaceutical manufacturers are invited, complimentary (NO FEE) attendance. Teams welcome.


Past attendees said:

“I took away ideas on a central database for stability data supporting distribution and immediate knowledge of the temps seen in distribution. All in one place to answer those excursion question immediately.”

“I gained more information in this free session than I have at any of the paid sessions. I was there to listen to others and come away with some new ideas and/or perspectives.”

Additional Information

Location and Hotel
Princeton Marriott at Forrestal, 100 College Road East, Princeton, New Jersey, 08540

Seminar hosted by:

Softbox Systems is an award-winning temperature control packaging innovator with over 20 years’ experience. We offer consistent quality to our clients from our strategically located global manufacturing sites throughout Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

We have formed long-standing partnerships with the world’s leading biotech, pharmaceutical, clinical research and logistics companies, and apply innovative thinking to overcome the challenges that our clients face in maintaining the Cold Chain when shipping temperature sensitive products.

For over 30 years, ELPRO is widely recognized as the global knowledge leader in innovative, Swiss-engineered environmental monitoring solutions and data loggers for pharma, healthcare and life science. ELPRO partners with clients to develop solutions that integrate ELPROs high-quality measurement components into their business processes. Clients include biotechs, diagnostic manufacturers, and the top 20 pharma companies. As the inventor of the LIBERO PDF Logger, ELPRO solutions have the lowest total cost of ownership and assist pharmaceutical and healthcare companies around the world preserve and manage stability budgets and simplify their cold chain by reducing manual work, resulting in quicker release times.

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