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May 5, 2021by sandisonpay


Softbox appoints new Research and Product Development Director to drive forward its global R&D agenda

Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, UK, 5 May 2021 – Softbox, a leading global innovator and provider of passive temperature-controlled packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, life science and cold chain logistics industries, has announced the appointment of Sean Austerberry as Research and Product Development Director.

Sean will be responsible for all of Softbox’s global R&D, product development and intellectual property management. He will lead the technical teams and work closely with sales and commercial to drive product strategy and deliver robust product roadmaps for future growth. Furthermore, Sean will also be responsible for the oversight of the company’s global network of Qualification Labs and Technical Centres, ensuring Softbox maintains high-quality technical services and well-defined standards across all of its locations. His remit will include Manufacturing Engineering to ensure the new products developed are consistently and efficiently produced across the company’s global manufacturing network.

Sean has over 12 years’ experience in product design and development of award-winning products for global markets, and provides technical leadership, with integrity, tenacity, drive, and focus. He has spent the past seven years as Senior Design Engineer within the pharmaceutical cold chain industry, responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction through well-designed, innovative, and high-performance engineered products that meet high-quality standards, both locally and globally.

“I’m delighted to join Softbox as part of the global leadership team and lead product R&D to support further business growth,” said Sean Austerberry about his new role. “There are some exciting developments in the pipeline. There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in temperature-controlled packaging.”

Kevin Valentine, CEO at Softbox, commented: “I’m delighted to have Sean join the Softbox Leadership Team. His extensive product design experience coupled with his strong leadership in innovation and creative design processes will ensure Softbox continues to develop and deliver highly innovative temperature-controlled packaging solutions for our key markets and provide significant added value to our customers.  Sean understands the complexity of the cold chain industry and how to engineer the right solutions, he is a highly engaging customer-facing design engineer that will inspire our regional design teams to develop “fit for purpose” packaging solutions for our customers around the world. He’ll be a great asset to our company and our customers.”


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March 24, 2021by sandisonpay


Softbox launches new SilverSkin logo

The Complete Makeover

Over the last three years, the Softbox Group has incorporated every aspect of SilverSkin™ into the DNA of the company – with a great deal of success. While we are still the same people, producing the same reliable covers you expect, we are continuously striving for improvement, and we want the face of the company to reflect this.

Evolving and integrating the SilverSkin™ brand design is the final piece of the jigsaw.

We are proud to announce the launch of a new SilverSkin™ logo. Here’s an animation of how it has evolved over time!


March 10, 2021by sandisonpay


Softbox successfully supports Pfizer in the global cold chain distribution of COVID-19 vaccines

Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, UK, 10 March 2021 – Softbox, a leading global innovator and provider of passive temperature control packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, life science and cold chain logistics industries, is proud to support Pfizer in the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines through the supply of a high-performance temperature-controlled parcel shipper developed specifically for Ultra-Low Temperature applications.

Softbox supported Pfizer with the development of the highly specialised and reusable Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) shipper to help them with the distribution of Ultra-Low Temperature vaccines and storing them at Point of Use (POU) sites.

Ultra-Low Temperature vaccines, such as that developed by Pfizer – BioNTech, uses mRNA (messenger RNA) technology and must be stored at temperatures between -90°C to -60°C to ensure that the vaccine’s quality and efficacy is maintained. The Softbox ULT shipper is capable of maintaining the required temperature during shipping of Covid-19 vaccines between -90°C to -60°C for at least 10 days unopened.

The highly innovative shipper utilises high performance insulation materials, incorporated in a robust and reusable construction, in conjunction with dry ice, to ensure long term ultra-low temperature control. Based on current guidelines, the Softbox ULT shipper can be opened twice a day, for up to three minutes at a time. This allows clinicians at Point of Use (POU) sites to access the vaccine vials required for each day’s immunisation clinics without exposing the remaining vaccine stored within the shipper to ambient temperatures, thus ensuring integrity of the vaccine is maintained.

When correctly managed, the Softbox ULT shipper can be used to store vaccines for in excess of 30 days. Through a process called “Re-Icing” the dry ice in the Softbox ULT shipper can be topped up ensuring maximum thermal protection of the highly temperature sensitive mRNA vaccines.

“Softbox’s extensive knowledge and experience in temperature control packaging solutions and the cold chain industry was the right choice for us. They immediately understood the unprecedented task at hand that was in front of us with the distribution of the vaccine, and quickly started to work with us to develop a unique packaging system that does not waste any precious vaccine and creates a seamless experience for customers.” said Tanya Alcorn, Vice President, Biopharma Global Supply Chain for Pfizer. “Their technical capabilities and innovative approach helped us achieve an excellent result in a very short period of time.”

Kevin Valentine, CEO of Softbox, said: “We are immensely proud to be playing such an important role in the fight against Covid-19.  We worked extremely hard during 2020 to help Pfizer develop this highly innovative ULT shipper, establishing one of the world’s largest fleets of reusable temperature-controlled parcel shippers in the process, and setting up two world-class service centres to support ULT shipper refurbishment.”

“It’s a huge honour to have the opportunity to support the distribution of these vital vaccines at the right temperature, maintain their integrity and help save millions of lives”.


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January 12, 2021by sandisonpay


Softbox appoints new Technical Solutions Specialist to further extend technical support to customers

Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, UK, 12 January 2021 – Softbox, a leading global innovator and provider of passive temperature controlled packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, life science and cold chain logistics industries, has announced the appointment of Matthew Tomkinson as a Technical Solutions Specialist.

Matt joins Softbox’s Technical Solutions team and will be responsible for supporting the global commercial team through in-depth cold chain knowledge, market insights, strategy and advice on cold chain implementation.

Matt has spent the past 18 years at Pfizer as their cold chain and network solutions specialist, becoming a Temperature Controlled Logistics Subject Matter Expert (TCL SME), where he helped establish a world class temperature-controlled distribution network. He quickly became a trusted advisor on best-in-class temperature control logistics solutions. Matt’s ethos is ‘ship right first time, every time’.

“I’m delighted to join Softbox and use my cold chain technical knowledge and market insights to help Softbox and its customers achieve the best possible cold chain results,” said Matt Tomkinson about his new role. “I look forward to working with both the commercial and technical teams to help further develop our innovative solutions and help customers achieve their objectives.”

Kevin Valentine, CEO at Softbox, commented: “I’m delighted to have Matt join the Softbox family. His extensive cold chain experience will add great value to our customers. Matt understands the complexity of the cold chain industry and how complex processes need to be put in place to achieve the desired results.”


August 26, 2020by sandisonpay


Softbox donates thermal covers for safe delivery of vital medicines to the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, UK, 26 August 2020 – Softbox, a leading global innovator and provider of temperature control packaging systems and thermal covers for the life science and logistics industries, has helped protect temperature-sensitive shipments of essential medicines to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in partnership with the charity International Health Partners (IHP).

To help maintain the temperature integrity of the shipped medicines, Softbox donated its Silverskin™ thermally insulating pallet covers, which were used by IHP to protect shipments of medicines to the DRC. The transport of these medicines was especially challenging because of logistical challenges caused by COVID-19. Shipments contained Essential Health Packs, each pack including around 800 donated treatments of antibiotics, painkillers and other basic primary health medicines.

The first shipment of 24 packs went to IHP’s partner International Medical Corps in Goma, and the second, with 18 packs, went to the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, established by Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr Denis Mukwege to treat survivors of sexual violence.

“We do our best to ensure all products reach their destination in the same condition we’d expect in the UK’s pharmacies,” explained Colleen Harrisson-Dodds, IHP’s Director of Logistics. “The medicines must be kept below 25 degrees Celsius, and SilverSkin™ thermal covers help enable us to do that.

“When cargo changes planes or is unloaded, pallets might be left on the tarmac in the hot sun. Softbox® Silverskin™ thermal covers reflect the heat and make sure the medicines don’t get too hot.

“With uncertainties unleashed by COVID-19, such as scarcer flights and more complex logistics, such protection has been vital,” said Colleen.

Panzi Hospital in Bukavu is one of two in DRC chosen to treat COVID-19 patients, and the shipment medicines have treated more than 1,500 patients there. The medicines sent to Goma are helping those fighting the latest Ebola outbreak.

Marissa Pledger, Project Manager for Panzi Hospital and Foundations, said: “In regular times it is difficult for us get the medicines we need, but during COVID-19, with border closures and the decrease in flights, all supplies in Eastern Congo – from medical supplies to regular food – are significantly diminished. These packs have allowed us to keep our pharmacy pretty well stocked during this time.”

Since the start of this year, IHP has sent more than four million treatments from the UK to vulnerable people without access to healthcare.

In 2019, Softbox donated temperature-control packaging systems to IHP for them to send temperature sensitive chemotherapy medicines to children with cancer in Tanzania.

“It’s a pleasure to be working with IHP again to provide the safe transportation of life-saving medicines,” said Clive Bryant, Product and Marketing Director at Softbox. “COVID-19 is making international shipments of this nature much more challenging but also more vital than ever before. We’re proud to have been able to support the delivery of these medicines to those that need it most.”


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July 30, 2020by sandisonpay


Softbox announces the appointment of new global CFO

Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, UK, 30 July 2020 – Softbox, a leading global innovator and provider of temperature control packaging systems and thermal covers for the life science and logistics industries, has announced the appointment of Charlie Nicholson as Softbox’s new Global CFO.

Reporting directly to Kevin Valentine, CEO of Softbox, Charlie Nicholson joins the leadership team and is responsible for all financial and fiscal management aspects of Softbox and its regional business units across the globe. His primary focus will be assessing the company’s operational and financial performance, and developing scalable systems, processes and controls to support the company’s global business operations and growth.

Charlie has previously held several senior finance roles in pharmaceutical and clinical trial organisations. He has over 20 years’ experience leading successful financial processes and is also a qualified chartered accountant. Charlie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field which will support the business’ ambitions to deliver profitable growth.

“I’m delighted about joining Softbox, a global leader in cold chain packaging technologies for the pharmaceutical industry with very exciting plans over the coming years,” said Charlie Nicholson about his new role as CFO. “I look forward to working with the leadership team and enabling further growth.”

Kevin Valentine, CEO at Softbox, commented: “Charlie is a very experienced finance leader with an exceptional track record and extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry. In his new role, Charlie will be a critical member of the Softbox executive leadership team and will be a true business partner to myself, our group and divisional management teams and our investors. I’m delighted to have him join the Softbox leadership team and look forward to the significant contribution Charlie will make to the ongoing strategic development of Softbox.”


For all media enquiries

Lisa Preston, Amplify PR
Telephone: +44 (0)2380 176 194 or +44 (0)7980 923 531


February 7, 2020by sandisonpay


Softbox further strengthens European presence with appointment in the DACH region

7th February 2020Softbox, a leading global innovator and provider of temperature control packaging and thermal covers for the life science and logistics industries, has announced the appointment of Marcus Schubert as Business Development Manager for the European/DACH region.

Marcus brings over 15 years of knowledge and expertise in temperature control packaging solutions and cold chain logistics. He will help ensure that the Softbox brand continues to expand its reputation in Europe and the DACH region for the highest quality product innovation and client service. Marcus will be based in Frankfurt and report directly to the European Sales Director.

Dharmesh Chauhan, European Sales Director at Softbox, commented: “Marcus is very experienced and well-respected in the industry and I am confident he will make a difference and further provide the support that our European customers need. Marcus’s appointment is one step further to our commitment to Europe and investing in resources to support locally, and consequently support the company’s growth plans.”

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