The CSafe range of innovative temperature control packaging systems and covers are designed to meet the exacting standards of the life sciences industry for transporting temperature-sensitive products around the world.

Our products are used extensively by many of the world’s leading pharma, biopharma, clinical trials and logistics companies for whom thermal performance, first class customer service, secure global supply and cost efficiencies are vital.

Our range of globally-available, temperature control packaging systems and covers, have made us a go-to vendor for the industry. They are pre-qualified against a range of temperature profiles and industry standards, and capable of withstanding the challenges encountered when shipping time- and temperature-sensitive products on distribution networks.

It is our continued investment in product design and innovation which allows us to offer such high-performance systems. They incorporate the newest, most advanced technologies and materials, making them infinitely more robust than anything we have seen before. Designed and rigorously tested to meet different regulatory standards, they offer total temperature stability.

Many of the world’s leading pharma and biopharma companies trust CSafe to supply them with products that support their temperature control needs, helping ensure product efficacy and patient safety.

Our clinical trial temperature control packaging systems minimise the risk of temperature excursions when shipping investigational medicinal products and comparators to investigator sites around the world. The design of our systems simplifies handling and improves the investigator experience when receiving clinical supplies.


We are suppliers to all leading global forwarding and express courier companies, who provide local availability of our temperature control packaging systems and covers on a global basis, and are confident in presenting CSafe products as the systems of choice.

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