Softbox Systems Opens New Manufacturing Site In Continental Europe

Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, UK, 6 November 2017 – Softbox Systems, a leading global innovator and provider of cold chain packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, today announces the opening of a new manufacturing site in The Netherlands, in partnership with Kingspan Unidek.

This new 4,500m2 site, located in Gemert, becomes the European production location for Softbox Systems’ Silverpod Pallet Shippers – the company’s bestselling product, which won a Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2014.

This new strategically located manufacturing site in mainland Europe enables Softbox Systems to meet the increasing demands of its European customers.

Marc de Rijk, General Manager at Softbox Systems, commented: “I’m very pleased to see the continued growth of Softbox Systems in Europe. Our main objective with this new site is to be closer to our European customers and to provide a fast response. We’ve invested in brand new and very advanced moulding tools and machines that we are confident will produce the best-in-class temperature control systems for our customers.”

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About Kingspan Unidek

Kingspan Unidek B.V. delivers innovative solutions for fast, efficient building and insulation. These solutions make a significant contribution to energy savings and increase the living comfort in buildings. With a strong emphasis on the environmental impact of product development, production and recycling, the company focuses on sustainable insulation solutions. The innovative nature of Kingspan Unidek B.V. has led to the development of many insulation and construction products, all made from the environmentally friendly insulation EPS (expanded polystyrene). The company delivers solutions for all types of buildings and all parts of the building such as roofs, walls and floors.

The company was founded in 1969. In January 2011, the company was acquired by Kingspan Group Plc. The company is part of the Insulation Division of Kingspan and employs 200 staff.

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