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    Compliant GDP for Ambient Products

    The EU Good Distribution Practices (GDP) guideline for medicinal products and Chinese FDA (CFDA) Good Supply Practice (GSP) guidelines focus on ensuring a secure supply chain with an aim of maintaining the quality, safety and efficacy of products from “source to patient.”

    Achieving GDP for ambient products from a “ship to label” temperature control perspective without adding significant cost has become the goal of many Pharmaceutical companies.

    Designed to integrate perfectly with LD7 Air Pallets and minimise shipping costs the Softbox Ambi+Shield has become the must use product.
Key features include:

    • Moulded construction for simple assembly
    • Insulated pallet base to protect from ground temperature transfer
    • Uniform assembly to provide consistent results
    • US and Euro pallet sizes
    • Allows 5 Euro systems to be placed on aircraft pallet

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