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Temperature Control Packaging Design


Our team of packaging engineers has a proven track record in developing custom temperature control packaging services to meet the specific needs of our clients. Projects start by defining a User Requirement Specification that once agreed forms the basis for the commercial development of prototypes and operational performance qualification. Once performance targets have been met, specifications are created for manufacture and supply.

Temperature Control Shipper Qualification


Based on our extensive knowledge built over the last 20 years and by working with more than 500 current clients, Softbox has the experience to help identify the potential risk points across shipping lanes, geo-zones and transportation modes. With more than 10 environmental chambers, Softbox has the capability to rigorously test its systems in order to provide the reassurance that they will perform in real life shipping situations.

Temperature Control Payload Optimisation


To recommend the optimal packaging system to maximise the use of payload space, we have invested in the latest pack out analysis software. If we know the size and number of product cartons or pallets you need to ship we can run an analysis and provide graphical and statistical results that ensure you use the most cost effective packaging system.

Temperature Control Packaging Training


To ensure our packaging systems are used correctly, we provide detailed step by step assembly and packing instructions. If additional on-site support is required, an experienced member of the Softbox team can be on hand to provide local product training and help in establishing standard operating procedures. Technical support is always available for the ongoing use of our systems.

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