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While a portfolio of award-winning products has made Softbox a name that is recognised in pharmaceutical and logistics circles for excellence in Temperature Control Packaging (TCP), it is often the breadth and depth of our services that set us apart. Everything we do is geared towards leveraging innovation for performance.

We have bred a services culture that has a history of setting precedents, and is committed to laying down new industry benchmarks in the future. But while we are invested in innovation and excellence, we are equally cognisant of the importance that affordability and simplicity play in realising our clients’ logistics goals. We make things as palatable (sometimes literally) and as hassle-free as possible.

Knowledge is where we start. When you engage with Softbox, you are tapping into a wealth of experience in logistics and quality assurance management. Our teams have vast experience in transportation, passive thermal insulation and protection, TCP and the entire cold supply chain.

We can give you advice, support or even training on any aspect associated with your shipments. It could be thermal considerations, performance data, payload optimisation, cost reductions associated with recycling and sustainability, product availability, rental options or pricing. And should your requirements fall outside regular parameters, we will suggest an appropriate customised system.

Softbox Green Recycling Service

Green Recycling Service

Softbox’s Green Recycling Service is an all-inclusive, hassle-free, one-fee service that enables you to recycle used temperature control packaging systems and send them to our recycling centre where they will be turned into products for other industries. It’s our commitment to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint and support their environmental initiatives.

Technical Consultation

We understand the challenges our customers face when shipping temperature-sensitive products. Our experienced teams evaluate your requirements and identify the most suitable packaging system to meet your needs. We offer a wide range of technical services, from payload optimisation and lane risk assessments to on-site training and excursion management.

Customised Systems - Customised Cold Chain Systems from Softbox

Customised Systems

Our custom-made systems are tested and qualified to suit the most demanding temperature control requirements. We design, test and manufacture temperature control systems to meet specific size, shape, material and temperature qualifications. Our R&D team carries out custom-designed tests and qualifications for both single-use and reusable shipping systems. These assessments target a full spectrum of temperature and payload brackets.

Use our Systems Solutions Finder to find a product tailored to your requirements.

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