Protecting Ocean Shipments

Over the last decade an increasing trend within the pharmaceutical industry has been the move from air to ocean freight services. Whilst offering cost saving opportunities, defined SOP’s and transit times, protecting ocean shipments against temperature excursion is not without its challenges.

Should a reefer container experience power outage at sea or be exposed to prolonged periods of high or low ambient temperature during loading or un loading at port, the air temperature within the reefer can rapidly vary potentially leading to product temperature excursions.

Working in collaboration with a number of the world’s leading companies wishing to protect pharmaceutical products during ocean transport, Softbox defined the key user requirements that would enable a high performance thermal protection system for use within ocean reefers to be developed.

Manufactured from cost effective reusable components, the Softbox Silverpod Ocean

    • Extends in-temperature-hold-times during instances of power outage
    • Maximises useable space within the ocean reefer
    • Designed for multiple use.
    • Single pack out for multiple temperature ranges
    • Flat pack design to reduce delivery, storage and return logistics costs

Since launch, 2 of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies have selected and approved Silverpod® Ocean for use across their global distribution networks.

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