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While our portfolio of award-winning products has set the standard for quality in our industry and is widely recognized in pharmaceutical and logistics circles for excellence in Temperature Control Packaging, it is truly our breadth and depth of knowledge and service that sets us apart.

We are committed to continually raising the bar while remaining well aware of the importance of keeping our products affordable, simple, and adaptable to a wide range of client needs. It all starts with knowledge. Our more than two decades in business provides a wealth of experience in logistics and quality assurance management.

The Softbox team is always here to help. Our staff is always available to offer support, advice, and even training on any aspect of your shipping needs. From pricing to thermal considerations and payload optimization, our expert team members are here to help no matter the size of your ask. We are here to help make sure your experience is as seamless as possible.

Rental Program

Our all-inclusive rental programs are designed for sustainable and cost effective shipment of time and temperature-sensitive clinical supplies and pharmaceutical products. Choosing our rental programs helps you to reduce the need for local waste disposal, improves environmental credentials and provides access to low cost rental of high-performance shippers.

Green Recycling Service

Softbox’s Green Recycling Service is an all-inclusive, hassle-free, one-fee service that enables recycling of used temperature control packaging systems. Packaging is sent to our recycling center where they are repurposed into products for other industries. It’s part of our commitment to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint and support their environmental initiatives.

Technical Consultation

We understand the challenges our customers face when shipping temperature-sensitive products. Our experienced teams evaluate your requirements and identify the most suitable packaging system to meet your needs. We offer a wide range of technical services, from payload optimization and lane risk assessments to on-site training and excursion management.

Customized Systems

Our custom-made systems are tested and qualified to suit the most demanding temperature control requirements. We design, test and manufacture temperature control systems to meet specific size, shape, material and temperature qualifications. Our R&D team carries out custom-designed tests and qualifications for both single-use and reusable shipping systems. These assessments target a full spectrum of temperature and payload brackets.

Use our Systems Solutions Finder to find a product tailored to your requirements.

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