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Pallet Shippers

Pallet shippers are the perfect systems for bulk consignments. In today’s times we have come to almost take their importance and genius for granted. There is no doubt the incredible impact they have had on the handling and efficiency of mobile goods.

At Softbox, pallet shippers are deeply embedded in our history. Our Silverpod pallet shipper was the world’s first container created for aircraft unit load devices, representing a leap forward for the freight-forwarding sector. Our innovation doesn’t stop there.

Softbox pallet shippers are isothermal and will maintain product temperature stability for bulk loads for up to 120 hours. Coupled with their strength and durability, shipments are protected from potential damage in the handling process. Being pallet based, they are also elevated from ground level, safe from wet or unfavorable conditions.

They are relatively lightweight by design, maximize space, and as a single entity housing numerous units, they can be easily tracked and transported. This portability enables quick and efficient movement, keeping product excursions at bay and dramatically reducing labor handling requirements creating a highly cost-effective shipping option.

Globally recognized and best-in-class

Being the world’s first container created for aircraft unit load devices, Silverpod has always been front of mind in the global, bulk, air freight-forwarding sector. This best-in-class temperature control pallet shipper meets all temperature ranges for all modes of transportation, safeguarding the integrity of even the most sensitive product shipments for 120 hours or more. Yet, its configuration is such that it offers cost reductions in packaging, freight and warehousing.

They are supplied flat-packed for cost-effective delivery and storage, and are incredibly user-friendly to condition and assemble. Silverpod pallet shippers are available globally and come in four workable sizes.

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