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Pallet Shippers

Air freight temperature controlled Solution

Airfreight is a popular mode of transportation for air freight temperature-controlled logistics It can help minimize the time and geographical obstacles involved in transporting goods.

Softbox had designed Silverpod, the world’s first container for your temperature-sensitive air cargo for your air transportation requirement.  Our solution provides long-term stability and aerothermal resistance for your consignment.

Our shipping pallets are highly cost-effective compared to others.  The portability and lightweight design make them ideal for minimizing labour costs and improving efficiency.

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Best-in-class pallet shipping systems

Being the world’s first container created for aircraft unit load devices, Silverpod has always been top of mind in the global, bulk, air freight-forwarding sector. This best-in-class temperature control pallet shipper meets all temperature ranges for all modes of transportation, safeguarding the integrity of even the most sensitive product shipments for 120 hours or more. Yet its configuration is such that it offers cost reductions in packaging, freight and warehousing.

They are supplied flat-packed for cost-effective delivery and storage, and are incredibly user-friendly to condition and assemble. Silverpod pallet shippers are available globally and come in four workable sizes.

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