Green Recycling Service

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Green Recycling Service

Softbox’s new Green Recycling Service is an all-inclusive, hassle-free, one-fee service that recycles used temperature control packaging systems (pallets, EPS foam and corrugated components).

Simply pile up all your used shipper components and when you’re ready, give Softbox a call. We will arrange for the collection of the shipper components, and send everything to our recycling centre where the material will be turned into products for other industries.

Deal with one person, in one company, one time, with no hidden fees for collection or disposal.

Please note this service is currently only available in the US and Canada.

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For more information about Softbox’s Green Recycling Service, contact us or request a callback below.

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Green Recycling Service
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Softbox Green Recycling Service


  • Eco-friendly alternative
  • An all-inclusive, hassle-free service
  • One point of contact
  • No hidden fees
  • Very similar cost to landfill
  • Every component of the shipper can be recycled
  • Products are recycled into materials that will be used to manufacture new products for other industries

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How Softbox’s Recycling Service
meets your needs 

1 An all-inclusive, hassle-free service with a single point of contact.

2 Everything is managed by Softbox customer service team. Simply call Softbox and everything is taken care of.

3 Very similar cost to landfill with no hidden fees.

4 Recycles every component of the shipper into materials that are used to produce garden furniture, coat hangers etc.

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