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Softbox re-launches Tempack to further strengthen presence and customer satisfaction in Europe

Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, UK, 28 October 2021 – Softbox, a leading global innovator and provider of passive temperature-controlled packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, life science and cold chain logistics industries, today announces the re-brand of Tempack which has been part of Softbox since 2017.

The new company’s image is part of Softbox’s strategic plan to further strengthen Tempack’s presence in Europe.  Since the acquisition of Tempack in 2017, the Softbox Group has incorporated every aspect of Tempack into the DNA of the company – with a great deal of success. Evolving and consolidating the Tempack brand is the final step of the integration.

Tempack has been a very successful innovator in cold chain packaging solutions for both pharma and food home-delivery solutions, for 25 years. Tempack provides a unique adaptability to customer needs with quick-design and customised solutions.

Kevin Valentine, Softbox’s CEO, commented: “The re-brand of Tempack supports Softbox’s vision to grow its pharma and food customer base in Spain, the rest of Europe and worldwide. The combination of Softbox’s expertise in the pharma industry and Tempack’s reputation in both pharma and food will allow us to gain access to the greatest products and services in the industry.”

For more information about Tempack visit www.tempack.com

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