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    AEON – Reusable High Performance Parcel Shippers

    AEON brings together innovation and advanced thermal packaging materials to improve user experience.

    AEON’s innovative design enables repeatable positioning of temperature data loggers, direct access to packed products and eliminates loss of costly components in use. AEON’s robust design ensures product integrity, regulatory compliance and patient safety. Its reusable design helps improve sustainability and reduce environmental impact.

    AEON Reusuable PArcel Shippers


    • Global availability
    • Qualified to ISTA 7D test profiles
    • Proven Chilled, Ambient and Frozen temperature control
    • Available in 5L, 12L & 24L Payload sizes
    • High quality reusable P.C.M. & VIP components
    • Simple P.C.M. conditioning process
    • Optimised to improve warehouse efficiencies
    • Can be packed and stored in controlled ambient before and during shipping
    • Designed with all users in mind
    • Easily and cost effectively refurbished
    • Reusable parcel shipper design reduces environmental impact

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