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Tempcell ECO brings 100% curbside-recyclability to the Pharmaceutical cold chain

Answering regulations governing wide-stability products

The pharmaceutical sector has taken up a leadership position within the growing sustainability movement with commitments to eliminating waste, re-use and recycling. While leading temperature control packaging (TCP) companies are seeking to mirror this, there can be some confusion where the term “recycling” is concerned. Expanded polystyrene foams, for example, can only be ground and reprocessed into new polystyrene products, effectively recycling them. Alternatively, polyurethane products such as insulation panels can be repurposed or upcycled into building materials – but recycling programmes are not always readily available, leading to challenges in disposal. These can be further complicated by regulations that increasingly require imported packaging to be re-exported to avoid local disposal or recycling.

But as welfare wins over waste, there’s an increasing need for 100% curbside recycling. This allows materials to be picked up in containers acceptable to, or prescribed by, local municipalities.

Our established, industry-leading range of single-use parcel shippers continually evolves to meet new regulations, as well as the demands of our pharmaceutical partners. Tempcell ECO is the innovative new edition — a low-cost, rudimentary parcel shipper that is answering an industry call for the protection of temperature-sensitive products with wide-stability tolerances.


  • 100% curbside recyclable
  • Provides qualified performance for up to 72 hours
  • Utilises Thermaflute™ patent-pending plastic-free thermal protection
  • Made of 100% corrugated cardboard
  • Space saving, flat-packed design
  • Easy to condition and assemble
  • Qualified temperature control for wide-stability products
  • Light, strong, and versatile, the design is ideal for all parcel delivery networks

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